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How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement: Marketing Made Simple

Chuks Wesley on Wed, 16 Mar 2022

Looking for social media engagement ideas? Do you wish you had more interaction, loyal customers and followers on your social media platforms?

Then you need to learn this simple social media strategy for your business.

Social media engagement is more important than ever, there's an insane adoption of social media from people all over the world. 

Matter of fact...

68% of consumers confess that social media allows them to interact with brands and companies, which in turn, increase the sales of those brands. 

So, increasing your social media engagement just might be the missing piece to generating more revenue for your business.

Having many followers or even getting the rare "blue-tick" is important, but what's more important is creating an interactive relationship between you and prospects, this is what determines your sales rate.

In case you're wondering how to start engaging with your audience, or you're tired of trying different techniques that are not working, or you're not satisfied with your current social media shares, comments and followers...

Stay glued to this post for the next few minutes because you're about to learn the tricks in boosting your social media engagement.

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement is the hallmark that determines how people connect with your social media content. 

Your social engagement shows the level of interactive relationship you have with your followers. 

The metrics used to rate social media engagements includes: 

  • Followers 

  • Likes 

  • Comments 

  • Shares/Retweets

  • Click-through 

  • Social media-driven traffics 

  • Downloaded and Saved posts 

Having a tight social media engagement is similar to having loyal customers that identify with your brand goals.

Importance of Social Media Engagement 

We'll take a look at 3 super reasons why social media engagement is important to your business growth and revenue.

Build Customer Loyalty and Support

The best customers for most businesses are the loyal customers willing to refer your products or services to friends and families.

According to new findings from CGS… "80% of consumers feel more emotionally connected to a brand when customer service solves their problem and 30% of customers are willing to pay more for excellent service."

You can't gain loyal customers by passively posting content on your page, you need to consistently build rapport with followers through social engagements.

And we'll show you how to do that in the next few minutes.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website 

Social media engagement is key to driving more traffic to your website from your social posts. 

Social media is a tool for attracting people to your website to make a purchase or interact with more content organically—for free. 

This in turn boosts your SERP rank on search engines like Google and Bing, hence, increasing sales.

Improve Customer Experience 

Customer experience is the new winning sales strategy, businesses who prioritize customer experience are more likely to convert prospects than others.

Just as seasons are bound to change, so are the needs and interests of the people in your niche. Social media engagement gives you first-hand information about your customer's changing needs.

People share their problems in comment sections. 

Imagine having an active chat with your audience in your comment section, they tell you the problems stuck in their head and guess what, you're the solution they need. 

Imagine how successful your business will be because you know just exactly what your customers want. 

Now, quit the fantasy because it's real. Actively engage with your followers and they'll spill those problems in your comment sections. 

How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement—Easy Tips 

You can't increase your social engagements with followers by passively posting content on your pages. Here are important simple tricks to get your followers to interact with your brand. 

Know Your Audience 

Your audience is the potential customers in your industry. 

Let's say you sell weight-loss products, your potential customers are people looking to burn fats from their bodies and get into shape. 

Now, you want to make sure over 70% of your followers are interested in burning fats, not energy supplements. Otherwise, you won't get any engagement with the content you share because they won't care about your offer. 

The trick to attract the audience in your niche to follow and interact with your social content is: 

  • Interacting with the members of groups and forums related to your niche.

  • Releasing relevant nuggets on your social pages.

  • Providing answers to questions people are asking on the comment sections of leading brands in your industry.

  • Creating free webinars.

  • Joining question and answer sections to demonstrate expertise.

Read our content marketing for beginners guide to learn how to attract the perfect customers interested in your business.

Check Your Social Analytics 

Yes, it hurts to waste over 3 hours, 47 minutes creating a post on your page, only to get distressing likes, spammy comments and fewer shares.

We've been there too. Sometimes, it might be because of poor timing, perhaps the majority of your followers aren't active when you hit publish.

Social media analytic tools help determine the best time to post content, the topics your audience cares about the most.

Look up the tools suitable for your business page, see reviews and rock that page. Also, the organic analytics on Facebook and Instagram are helpful.

Create a Content Style Guide 

One of the key factors for increasing your social media engagement is the consistency in your brand tone, voice and style throughout your social media pages. 

There are thousands of businesses actively fishing for customers on social media, you need to stand out from the crowd by being unique with your content.

A content style guide is a documented guide that maintains the brand identity in every published content. 

It isn't enough to verbally communicate the content rules to your team members, write it down for all team members to read and stick.

Create Unique and Engaging Posts 

One of the benefits of carrying out audience research is to understand your audience's desires and problems, but it doesn't end there. 

People wouldn't interact with your content because it's relevant to them. Heck, they've got loads of content screaming for attention every second, funny memes, TV shows, video games. 

Unfortunately, you need to pin their attention to your content within a few seconds, otherwise, you'll lose them. 

Let's see interesting features that can make your every post unique and engaging.

Captivating Headlines/Captions 

A solid headline or caption is the most important feature of a post. You only have less than 5 seconds to get your audience interested in your content. Unlike the contents shared on your website, you're just a swipe away from losing a valuable interaction with your followers.

So always create curiosity in the minds of your followers with the first sentence or phrase in your captions. 

High-Quality Images and Videos 

Another way to make people stay glued to your social media posts is by using high-quality images and videos that stand out from competitors

Research shows that people will rather watch a video than read the captions or text on an image. Best to get those videos rolling. 

In social media, both quantity and quality are rewarded… post often… make it worth it.

Make Use Of Humor 

Don't bore your audience with official boo-hoo, people are looking for entertainment every second. Find a way to create content that's informative, yet entertaining and watch your social engagement skyrocket. 

The essence of social media is primarily to be social, add humour to your content, don't be dry.

Post Consistently 

Ever heard of social media algorithms? Yes, the algorithm determines who sees your posts or not, and the algorithm rewards active social media accounts and, in a sense, hides the contents of passive social accounts. 

To be an active social media user, you have to post consistently, a minimum of twice a day will do.

We understand it isn't easy to create interesting content on your social page every day, there are days you'd feel uninspired to create content, that's why we recommend using social media automation for your business page. 

Also, creating a content calendar is a gem, trust me, you'll be glad you did it. 

Active Comment Response 

Would you love to consistently interact with your audience? Spark up interesting conversations with your followers, see how…

Responding to people's questions or even remarks is a great way to spark up conversations in your comment section.

Come close, here's a cheap trick… 

"People don't know your comment section is a free secret medium for strengthening customer relationships and converting followers to customers."

All you need is to…

  • Answer relevant questions related to your industry

  • Show appreciation for people's comments 

  • Ask for feedbacks 

  • Share links to pages that might be of help to your followers

Actively responding to the comments on your posts doesn't just create interaction alone, it also increases your reach to a non-followers news feed. 

Whenever a person comments on your post, the content is likely to be seen by a non-follower of your page.

Encourage Social Share

The simple technique to make people share your social media content is "relationship." 

People bother to share social media content from brands they trust and like. So the metric for determining your social share is your relationship with your followers. 

Also, people share content on social media to create impressions on friends, families and their followers. 

Research shared by CoSchedule shows that 69% of people share online information because it makes them feel involved in the world.

If you consistently create relevant content for your followers, they will share the content to their followers to pose in a certain way.


Social media engagement doesn't depend on your followers alone, you have to consciously create an interactive environment where people are encouraged to share your content, ask questions, and give feedback whenever they like.

The key focus is to build a positive relationship with your followers. Take a stand on some public opinions, create contents they care about, and always ask them to take action when necessary. 

Chuks Wesley

Chuks Wesley is a Website Content/Copywriter that has been fascinated with marketing and SEO since 2018, he spends most of his waking hours consuming marketing reports, blog posts and books on these topics. He is also a certified SEO expert.

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